I Have No Mouth And I Must Scream

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I remember reading this ages ago and randomly came across it again today.

For anyone that hasn't heard of it, it's a late 60s scifi/technophobic short story. They made a game based on it written by the original author.

It's weird.



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    I have never heard of it, is it interesting & well written?
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    Sounds like some twilight zone shit.
  • weathersweathers Regular
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    It's interesting. Well written is kind of subjective. It was written in one sitting and other than spelling, the author, Harlan Ellison left it as is.

    Here's the wikipedia entry for it, does contain semi spoilers though.


    It's not a long read, so even if you end up hating it, it's still worth a shot.

    Just consider contextually, written in the late 60s before the real surge of computers and still during the cold war.
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    Seriously, THANK YOU Weathers; I love you (a tiny dash of homo). This is an awesome story about the mortal mind confined to the hell of immortality. In the end, it seems AM will truly be the one to suffer. This has been added to my collection amongst the likes of Asimov.
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    Glad you got a kick out of it brohamsammich. It IS quite Asimov like now you mention it, for some reason I'd never meade that connection before, haha.
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