I just did some work on the Biege G3

TheGreenDoctorTheGreenDoctor Regular
edited June 2011 in Tech & Games
I had my Sonnet Tempo Trio go south on me a while back (messed up two hard drives) so a refresh for the old Gossamer was in order. The drive still worked, so I copied the new files I had on the machine to the original 6 GB hard drive (was in storage for a year as a backup) and then blew out and reinitialized the 80 GB Western Digital drive that had replaced it, then copied over all my files. I was playing with it a bit yesterday, and it was running great and passed all integrity checks. Now that I have my main vintage Apple machine back up and running, I can see to other projects that I've had sitting in cold storage for a while. I hope to get cooking soon!!!


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