start of a book im going to write

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the working title is red star rising. i havent had much time to write anything yet just the beginning of the first chapter

I gasp to weary-eyed consciousness on the couch in the entry room. The cat sitting at the front door peers outside curiously. Sitting up in the couch I scratch my scruffy beard and follow the cats gaze. How did this happen? I fell asleep on my watch, that much is obvious. However, in the back of my mind I wonder how did this happen to my country The question weighs on my mind as I consider the facts. The country was limping on, divided, and struggling. The cat is watching a dog across the street Few stores remained open as the value of the dollar dropped and prices skyrocketed A shadow of movement in the corner of my vision snaps me back to the present. I crouch down and make my way to the large front window.I peek through the gaps in the blinds, eyes dartng, scanning for movement. The dog outside is still trotting up the street. I take a final look and tun to rest against the windowsill. The hazy yellow of a street lamp fills the room.

Car fuel was now unavailable in 37 states, yet the light on the modem in the corner of my room still flashed its LED green lights in short bursts. Internet as a human right. It was an interesting topic to write about in my English class but it was a strange way to live. As long as there was power, there was the internet thanks to UNI. The Umbrella Networking Institution was the major player in the campaign to bring internet to everyone in the world. Their success in this project was surpassed only by their failure to control it. Power struggles between governments and the people were constant, bribes thrown right and left, a steady stream of blackmail circled the UNIWeb. Governments had already begun to dissolve and America was weakening.

The dog on the street corner begins to bark and I turn towards the noise. Suddenly the dog whines, and goes silent. Lurching forward it reveals the glint of a syringe in its neck before it keels over. I pull my 1911 out of it’s holster and thumb the safety. The taste of panic trickles into my mouth. As I turn to head downstairs I hear a dull thud, followed by several low clanging noises, seeming to come from the outside. The air begins to feel slightly lighter and warmer. I experience a feeling of exhalation as there is a small pop and the lights of my modem go out. I look at my wrist. The second hand in the dial is still. I make a mental note to myself, one which I will keep with me. The power went out at 351 AM .


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