Seroquel XR 150

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I've got about twenty of these things and I didn't really like taking them. I'm wondering if I could melt them down somehow and coat some darts for my blow dart gun. I thought they were tranquilizers but I'm not really sure now. They got me real fucked though. Any Ideas what to do with them besides put them in womens alcoholic beverages?


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    nothing else you need to do but put them in womens alcoholic beverages. Or if you wanna be fucked up and your girlfriend has an asshole ex boyfriend who wont leave her alone you can OD him on them then put him in his car and start it on fire. make sure to leave a suicide note in his room.

    Sincerely, Skyler Harmon
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    Sell them! were i live they go for about $10 a pill. im sure if u drop down to $5 you will get some chedder and get rid of those date rape pills. HEY sell um to Dfg. lol Jk Dfg or not ;)
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    Cook them in a spoon until they melt, stick them in/around a dart and use it as a basic tranquilizer. I doubt it would be very effective though, unless it's strong shit.
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    They're anti-psychotics/mood stabilizers with a major sedititive side effect which kicks in anywhere between 10 -40 minutes later. I've always thought they'd make a pro date rape drug.
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