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how do you see this coming about in your country, has it happened? is it starting to happen? do u believe in all GREEN? what are your solutions for solving this?


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    it wont happen in america. these big oil companies have a vicegrip on the politicians and you can bet your ass if there is anything that would be a solution to oil it will never see the light of day until oil is completely gone
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    It's the only logical step from where we're at now.

    We used "fossil" fuels because it seemed like a good idea at the time, and because there wasn't a better way to get energy (That we had figured out at that point.).

    The sun supplies (Directly or indirectly) enough energy to power every living thing on the face of the earth. It only makes sense that we should be running our cities and appliances off of it.
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    I wish we had plebiscite (With constitutional restraints) rather than representation. Representation just means that after the election, they stop giving a shit about their constituents.
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    The oil is never going to run out either,Google Abiotic Oil.
    Although there is allot of debate on the subject if you think about it BOTH sides stand to gain from a non Abiotic oil point of view.
    The greens want clean air laws and carbon tax credits to prop up the next currency bubble and the pro oil folks want to rape you with the threat that the oil could run out any minute. So they have to charge a premium for a dwindling substance.:rolleyes:
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    Angryonion's mention of Abiotic Oil also reminds me of a somewhat related I read about concerning capped oil wells. The concept was that oil wells were capped whenever it was no longer deemed cost effective to drill oil from them. With the idea that this has been standard practice for years then with the increase in gas prices over the last few years we should have more oil to fall back on as it now cost effective to drill for it again.

    To answer some of the OP's questions however, I've never seen "Green" energy as an absolute alternative anytime in the near future for some of the reasons some of the more pessimistic posters have already stated.

    Although on the other hand the amount of effort tossed into getting the public to go along with Green energy is amazing. Texas has the honor of being the nation's leader in wind energy and the development of wind farms is still continuing.

    I suppose either way I'm too much of a layman in the area to make a good prediction :D

    Here's a link to some Windfarm stats for Texas:
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