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Okay, with the release of Backtrack 5 I'm stuck on the decision of downloading the new ISO with either desktop environment.

While I'm already familiar with KDE via the prior versions and I've read a few comparisons between the two I was wondering which one Totse users favor and if so why?


  • SlartibartfastSlartibartfast Global Moderator -__-
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    Backtrack's version of KDE was the last 3.x release before KDE4 came out.

    There is no definite reason to go with one, it's a matter of taste.

    Qt (generally) and KDE apps have a lot more options, with GNOME a lot of things are hidden from the use.

    When i downloaded backtrack i ended up with KDE, it's the "preferred" DE, so go with that.
  • buddhabuddha Regular
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    I like/use gnome. No reason why.
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    If you can't decide, why not install both?

    Personally, I've always used Backtrack with the KDE environment so I'd probably stick to using that. Plus, GNOME wouldn't run quite as well on my shitty laptop. However, its worth a try if you fancy it, as GNOME is pretty nice and definitely looks better. You might not get such a good range of settings to play with though, which might suck. On the other hand, a lot of BT tools run from a CLI anyway, so whatever :)
  • DfgDfg Admin
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    I would go with KDE, not really a Gnome fan. OMG BT5!

    *Goes to DL*
  • buddhabuddha Regular
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    Someone please explain to me what "settings" and shit you have in KDE, that you don't get in gnome.
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    Gnome is better because it uses less resources, is more flexible and faster
  • BaconPieBaconPie Regular
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    Openbox with GTK libs, not full Gnome

    Knife or Fork?

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