What is the outdoor grow season for marijuana?

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see title


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    Put it this way - these are my outdoor tomatoes that were started indoors mid February in trays then moved onto pots. (shit pile to the left, rasberries to the right)


    You will see they are now around 2' high (they are a bush type rather than a cordon type) and were planted outside last weekend. Although you can plant out from mid May, you have to get tender plants started inside early in the year so they spend the best part of their time outside getting food into them to make fruit (or in the case of weed, flowers) rather than spending all of their time growing and then making shit fruit (or flowers).

    Althought I am 55 degrees north - a bit further north than Edmonton in Canada - we generally have milder winters here. The only big thing here is hours of daylight - we get quite a bit more than say - Vancouver - in mid summer but in winter their days would be longer than ours.

    In short, unless you can get your hands on some plants that have put 4-5 branches out, you are not going to get a super amount.
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    Yeah, it's ideal to plant in the spring. You can plant in the summer too though. The plants will just get less 'long days,' and they will go into flowering at a smaller size.
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