Autumn — Totseans


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It was a beautiful autumn’s day. Not a cloud in sight. The sun held its head high in the sky, spreading warmth throughout the world. The leaves on the trees were glowing in the sunlight, waiting for their chance to fall.

I heard a family of birds nearby. Probably conversing about where to head for the winter, what to pack, and whether to take the scenic drive or just a quick flight there. I took a glance out my window to try to find them, but I just figured they would most likely be in the oak tree out front. Soon, the tree will no longer be able to provide shade. But then I wouldn’t be sitting under the tree in the winter anyways.

There was a scratching sound on the side of my chair. I asked my dog what he wanted, and he dashed off into the other room. Seconds later, he returned with his leash in his mouth. I told him to wait so that I could finish up this paragraph.

As I opened the door, I saw a squirrel run past and hop onto the oak tree. Quickly, I closed the door and made sure my dog didn’t see it. I peeked out the peephole to watch for the squirrel to leave. Once the squirrel was gone, I opened the door and stepped outside, only to hear my dog bark. I turned around and found him holding my shoes in his mouth. I looked at my bare feet and looked back at him.

We walked along the sidewalk, hoping to bump into cute girls who would stop to say how cute my dog was (and hopefully also me). Then I remembered that I lived close to the senior’s home, so I made a beeline for the park.
This park was one of the most beautiful parks in town. There was a pond on one side, a wooded area on the other, and a vibrant garden in the middle. There were no playgrounds, meaning no noisy kids ruining the mood. My dog decided to visit the pond first.

Ducks were quacking and geese were honking. Probably conversing about where to head for the winter, what to pack, and whether to take the scenic drive or just a quick flight there. With a loud woof, they all flew to the other side of the pond. My dog looked at me for approval, and I nodded my head. His tail wagged.

I heard a sound coming from a fenced-off area nearby and decided to go investigate. However, my dog was already several steps ahead of me. We walked over and peered through the fence: nothing but soil. Footsteps approached from behind, so I turned around. A man wearing a vest and a hard hat told me that they were doing some soil remediation here.

After losing interest, my dog led me over to the garden. Tulips, roses, daffodils, peonies, freesias, chrysanthemums, hydrangeas, jasmines, dahlias, geraniums, sunflowers, lilacs, orchids, pansies, and much more than I could name. My dog wanted to sniff every single one, so I let him off his leash. I sat down on a nearby bench, soaking up all the bright colours around me.

My phone rang. After a brief conversation, I whistled for my dog to come back. I put his leash back on and started to walk back home. I looked around.
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