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Is Procrastination Bad for Your Health? [Published]

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Infrequent procrastination won't do too much harm, but it's the chronic procrastination that will get to you. Obviously, procrastination causes stress, especially as you get closer to the deadline. Making a habit of procrastinating in your work also carries over to the rest of your life, so you'll likely put off wellness behaviours such as going to the doctor or exercising. This combination of stress and neglect will sorely affect your health.

Of interesting note is that the stress alone is enough to harm you. However, not engaging in health-promoting behaviours without stress does not show any procrastination-health relationship. When the neglected health behaviours are paired with stress, the situation is exacerbated. This ends up in a vicious cycle with poor health leading to more stress which leads to poorer health and so on.

So in conclusion: DO YOUR WORK IF YOU DON'T WANNA DIE :o

Sirois, F. M. (2007). “I’ll look after my health, later”: A replication and extension of the procrastination–health model with community-dwelling adults. Personality and Individual Differences, 43, 15-26.


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    I used to be a bad procrastinator. I have to say used to because I usually don't even attempt to do things on time anymore. You can't stress over something that you never gave a shit about to begin with.
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