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Idiom Lesson #2583: Just deserts

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Today I came across someone who thought he was clever by pointing out that an article mispelled 'just deserts' because it should be 'just desserts.' However, he made himself the fool.

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just deserts (plural only)

(idiomatic) A punishment or reward that is considered to be what the recipient deserved.

It may appear that they're getting ahead by cheating, but they'll get their just deserts in the end.

Usage notes

Deserts here is the plural of desert, meaning "that which one deserves". It is rarely used with this meaning outside this phrase.

The spelling just desserts is commonly seen but is incorrect. The misspelling is occasionally used deliberately as a play on words in the names of restaurants etc.


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    That's interesting. I never would have even thought to question that.

    You've just made me a better smartass and I thank you.
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