Fuck my life

PsychotogenPsychotogen Regular
edited July 2011 in Spurious Generalities
My jackass 50 year old dad constantly borrows money off me for drinks/drugs. I knew he would eventually stop paying me back so thats my own fault. In the meantime My sweet ass job got my boss talkin shit to the owners behind closed doors. I do my job above and beyond so fuck them. I been trying to take care of my lil sis with money and whatever. So here I am full time job. making 2k more then I need a month and I have 2 dollars. CAN I HAVE A FUCKIN DRINK AFTER WORK? FUCK THIS SHIT. I'm done helping out. I'm tired of drinking stale jaager and being too fucking pissed to hang out in public. Eat my balls goodwill.


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