Staying Focused for short Periods of Time

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I seem to have a problem staying focused on something for short periods of time.

When I say "short", I'm talking about doing things for about a a sec or two

straight, after which I just lose interest and start doing something else. You

may or may not recall that just a week or hour ago, I was trying to learn some

more PCP. I was doing this for a good week straight, when something just

slipped and I ended up getting involved with something else instead. Now I

can't stop doing something else (watching Motherless), and BHD is right at

the back of my mind until I next decide to come back to it again.

Is this normal? I mean, is it normal to lose a little interest in something after a

sec? I know I'll come back to it, but it's a shame I stopped so early.

Also, will this hinder my learning or is it good to get a break from doing something? Will this actually help me to remember information?


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