Sleep Disorders

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Does anyone here legitimately suffer from any sleep disorders?
If yay, have they affected your general mental well-being and/or what have been your personal experiences with them.
If nay post some incessant flamey bullshit :hai:

As OP I'll lead the charge.

As a child I suffered from night terrors, and recently worked out that I also suffered frequently from sleep paralysis.Sleep paralysis which consisted at the time of me being unable to move and absolutely convinced a man was about to plunge a knife into my back.This would happen many times a night,usually once or twice a week.It was utterly terrifying and ruined my sleeping habits from ages 6-11.

I still occasionally suffer from sleep paralysis though now it is more irritating than anything, just a particularly shit way to wake up in the middle of the night:mad:

Now I didn't think much of these sleeping maladies until tonight. Why tonight? you ask!.Well through a rather bizarre set of events, I've found myself in a situation where being stabbed to death in my sleep seems a lot more plausible than on most
other nights. Apparently I've associated the memories of wee little plebert suffering sleep paralysis with being stabbed in my slumber, because I've suffered severe paranoia/sleep paralysis/checking over the shoulder to make sure there's no one in the room that shouldn't be.

Shit is fucked,never experienced anything like it.
Anyone have any idea what the fuck is going on here?

Due to work I've slept for roughly an hour in the last two days, and this is a known trigger to sleep paralysis as well.

I know a thread was recently made pertaining to ghostly encounters, and in my experience many of these "I woke up to a presence in my room" spooky scenes are just people rationalising the sheer mindfuckery of sleep paralysis away with ghosts, demons etc.Such is human nature.

So, Mind & Body what fucks up your beauty sleep?


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    Damn, that's fucked up. I've always wondered what could possibly cause something like that.

    All I've got going on is having little sleep (2-3 hours if I sleep at all). I hate sleep, it's such a waste of time. I'd much rather be on here learning something new, reading about the world, or engage in debates to further my own understanding of a topic or reexamine my own views.

    EDIT: Actually, I do recall several years ago laying down at night and relaxing all my muscles, going completely limp just to see how long I could (It's hard). I went to sleep I think, and at some point I woke up and realized I couldn't move. I was trying as hard as I could for somewhere around 5 minutes trying to lift my arm, or something, with no success. Scared me for a while...
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    I had sleep paralysis for the first time last Friday. Scary stuff, but right when I was about to freak out I realized what was going on and just relaxed and went with it. I could move again after about another minutes. Feels like a long time though when it's happening. I'm afraid it might be a problem that sticks with me because it happened again last night.

    Feels bad man. :(
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    I remember having sleep paralysis but I wasn't freaked out because I knew what was happening. It was strange as hell though, that's for sure. I couldn't move a muscle, but whenever I attempted to do it, I would see a very faint, almost transparent blur of my arm moving normally. It was like I was laying there, unable to move, while a ghost version of myself was moving it's limbs around. I just rolled with it until I woke up a little later.
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    Sleep paralysis is quite mindfucking and can be quite fun if you're aware of it and don't freak out.
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    Over the last 6 or so years, I've managed to achieve awareness, progress past that into experimentation (with the audio-visual hallucination component) with it and then once again further into 'OH HEY, I'M AWAKE IN MY SLEEP! MUST BE LUCID DREAMING.OH WAIT I CAN'T MOVE AND MY MIND IS FILLED WITH STATIC-uh,why do I have an erection?' I'll get you next time sleep paralysis, I'll get you and your cockteasing erections:mad:.

    It usually occurs when I'm
    B)Haven't slept for a night(s)

    and invariably during the hypnogogic phase of sleep. Which leads me to think there is a biochemical(and probably hormonal) reason for this(Norepinephrine andMelatonin are the likely suspects)

    In other news, who has had 'ghostly sleep paralysis experiences' ?

    A religious acquaintance of mine was convinced she was visited by the holy ghost and her dead mother...simultaneously. The room filled with fog and a great weight held her down, the temperature dropped significantly and her mother, who had drowned when she was a young girl, appeared before her and told her a demon *in the shape of a huge throbbing phallis was watching over her.(For those who've seen insidious, please complete the mental picture)

    Of course prior religious views played a significant role, as well as the inherent unreliability of memories.Still, there must be millions of people who've never heard of sleep paralysis and assume a religious or supernatural explanantion.The mind is too widely misunderstood and many wives tales are still perpetrated as truths.

    Fuck you Bradley Cooper and your poorly scientifically founded premise of a movie.
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    I've had insomnia forever. That is all
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    I get nightmares, and I often wake up covered in sweat and shit like that unless I use something to help me stay asleep.
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    Maybe not a disorder, but after working a night shift I get to sleep for maybe 30 minutes, then snuggle into the missus and then give her the fucking of a lifetime.
    She tells me I last for ages when I do this.

    We still arnt sure if im asleep or just so nackerd I dont remember.
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    I can't sleep without having sleeping pills..
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    Sleep paralysis has struck me twice and mildly a third time. It was fucking terrifying and would also happen to my Dad. Unfortunately at the time I had no idea what it was and was a stressed Teenager.
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    i like the above poster is a sleeping pill man. i will lie awak for hours... i think it is all mental but hell i still take the pills
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    I only recall suffering from Sleep Paralysis once or twice as a child.

    I do however have Somniloquy or talk in my sleep in layman's terms. Not really something I suffer from although whether or not I suffer it due to screwy REM patterns I also have the irritating habit of waking up every couple of hours throughout the night.
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