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I always wanted to get into this but was a PC guy. I finally got a laptop and I can't find a workable distro of Phrack. Is there a live distro of Linux you guys use for this? I want to keep my machine on windows and don't want to re partition.


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    I've never used it, but Backtrack is probably what you're looking for.
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    Download Backtrack and boot it from a Live CD. There are many tools you can use for Wardriving but I'll recommend something like Kismet :thumbsup: I think I wrote a guide on Wardriving actually, have a look for it.
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    That's overkill. But, It'll work. Thanks for the help.
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    Nice, but how is it overkill? I barely even touched on the subject, unless you're referring to my guide. Anyway, let us know how it goes.
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    When i hear 'wardriving' i think of autodialing phone number trying find something interesting. wardialing.

    I'm not that old.

    you could scan for wireless APs under windows with inSSIDer
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    If you're using Windows, I'd recommend NetStumbler :) Since you specified Linux, I didn't go into detail though. But netstumbler for Windows is great, it's just that I prefer using Linux.
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