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Moderator abusing authority. Please take action against this moderator and have him removed, as he is a repeat offender, and is very likely to offend again. Thank you very much for your time.
Post: Infraction for CaseyFuckDfgAnthony: Spam Bots
Forum: Infractions
Assigned Moderators: N/A

Posted by: TheDarkRodent
Original Content:
Post: Hey spectral.
User: CaseyFuckDfgAnthony
Infraction: Spam Bots
Points: 12

Administrative Note:
Obvious Spectral Alt

Message to User:
The administration can reverse this infraction after the account is locked. This action was taken as an interim measure until an admin can lock the account for an MA violation. In this posts he admits he will keeping making alts.

Original Post:
I am just toying with you Spectral while I wait for Dfg to lock this account.
Hmmm.. let's see...


You get the idea, dipshit.


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