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I should have read the fine print

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from looking at the street, and triangulating between the angle of your window from the street and the angle the pict was taken ..... i can pin point ur location.

i know where you lives you cat molesting pervert. i'm going over to ur house right now, then leave a cat on your doorstep and knock. it will have wificam on its neck collar. once you take inside and begin molesting it .... swats, SASes and deltas will crash in into your apartment to arrest you.
bornkiller wrote: »
Lol! That's not me dude. I was in the room with you mother. That's your dad.
CSI #1 : I need u to collect evidences off this pussy.

Rookie CSI : I can ???? [yess] How old is she ????

Snr CSI : 8. About 9.

Rookie CSI : Yess [having hard on]

This is not SG, B&M, or HB. This is a serious discussion forum. Please keep it on topic or take it to HB.

Thank You,

*seriously shovveeth his seriousness up his ass*
I am going to give you the benefit of the doubt since you are not familiar with recent policy changes here.

As you may or may not be aware this type of posting is not permitted at totse.info in the serious discussion forums. In N&P I consider continued posting of this nature in a thread to be flooding.

As you may or may not be aware at totse.info mods are required to first politely request that a user cease unwanted and disallowed behavior. After the should the behavior continue a warning will be issued. Should the user ignore the warning a subsequent ban will follow.

This is my area of responsibility and I will not have you shitting all over like you were on Zoklet. Let it be now and it will be as it never happened. The choice is now yours, have a nice day.
*shoveth moe nice days up hiss nice ass nicely*

nicer ?????
Yeah, see I knew you would shoot yourself in the foot.
FAQ wrote:
Users will not be deleted because of content. About the only thing that could get you banned from the system is if you break any of the above rules or if you try to destroy totse.info.

Banning me will be contra the holy faq. so ...


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