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It seems this thread has generated a lot of interest. In order to keep up with the demands I will most probably edit this thread and add tons of links to alternative websites. However, it would be nice if you lurkers registered and shared your websites first. Simply reply in this thread and I will add more links.

It seems as though Motherless has been blocked by my shitty ISP and now I can't even get on there at all. I swear they have nothing better to do as they're all fucking unable to get a hard on, hence not requiring such an awesome porn site. Anyway, I'm looking for some alternatives to - do any exist? Mainly stuff with Stickam caps, cos that's the good shit.

I found but it only has a small selection of Stickam captures and the rest is full of that generic porn which is horrible as the women are all over like 20 years old and their vaginas look like the lettuce you get in a McDonalds Cheeseburger.



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