Song Lyrics(mostly): Fates Like These

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edited August 2011 in Life
Calamaties will make seashells, of bones we once held
Yeah, I'll drink champagne to that
By the pound by the metric, we'll come down electric
And watch the sunrise again

*Barre chords-A-Em-Em-Badd9/Bm*
Oh, the complications
Flow into the stream
of conscious weightings
On who deserves fates like these

and on that desire
To come back as fire
to burn all these liars
and just drift away

yeah, like that fire we lit
or the storm that soon hit
these are the best of unlaid plans


*Barre chords-A-Em-Em-Badd9/Bm*
oh!, we're not really moving
It's just the illusion of change
But the need to prove it
brings rust to these days

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