Strolling through the BC Ghetto

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So, I ended up on/around the Corner of East Hastings and Main Street yesterday after an interesting venture.
For those that don't know, the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver is , IIRC, the poorest neighbourhood in Canada.It showed.

A few guys I've met on the streets in the last few weeks have told me you can get anything you want for $10 on East Hastings, I now don't doubt this one bit. One of the guys I've met was openly banging up on the street, another pointed out a 'respectable' citizen exploiting the 'sucking dick for coke money' economic model; It's like a Bacchanal, an orgy of hedonism except the cashflow's all dried up.A Ferrari drove past at one point, as if just to give proper context.Most of the people are friendly enough around there, as long as you aren't offensive.Hell, they've helped me out a bunch the last few weeks. It's just disturbing to see the epicentre of such a viral drug problem.For example, I bought some cigarette's from a crack-addict, most likely counterfeits (wrapped in a baggy, no branding on the paper). As soon as the cash changed hands he went and saw his dealer.

So, tell me all about the scummy, trackmark ridden side of your town and your experiences of, and/or pertaining to, it?
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