My nightmare - 'brain in a vat'

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I dreamt that I was in some imagined city. I walked down into some kind of laboratory where Josef Mengele (the crazy Nazi experimenter guy) was talking to some other Nazi officials.

Along one wall were rows of small glass tanks filled with water. In each tank was a severed human head. These were people who had become zombies, but who's zombie bodies had become so decayed and unusable that only their heads were kept and their 'consciousness' was uploaded to some kind of computer. The rotting heads floated about, some of them with their eyes faintly glowing. Some of them had each eye glowing a different colour and for some unexplained reason this meant that something was very wrong with the person. The place had a terrifying evil feeling to it.

The virtual world they had been placed in was simply a basic 'ground' and 'sky' (not a sky in the usual sense, but everything above the ground was just a solid blue, if you can imagine that) carrying on for eternity. They have no body and are able to see and hear but are just floating there, unmoving. Somehow, I entered this world but the moment I did, I realised that I was stuck this way forever, unless someone on the outside returned my counsciousness to my body.

I woke up in a cold sweat, relieved that this was just a dream, but I soon realised that that isn't entirely the case. I won't explain it now but look up the 'brain in a vat theory'. Biologically and neurologically - technically - with future technology this could be entirely possible. What if the 'scientist', instead of placing us in a simulated reality or empty void, places us instead in a situation where we are burning in hell for eternity.

This whole thing has got me feeling seriously fucked up :eek:


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    What you saw is just something that many people see but I am sure it's not the same thing. You don't need to worry about things because it's just your brain re-imagining your fears and thoughts. You freaked because to you the concept was to extreme but maybe you already saw this concept or read about it some place else. Bottom line is, just chill.

    I read the brain in a vat and it's just a theory, it could be possible in future but I am sure it's years away from now and since you already read about that vat theory that explains why you associated a simple nightmare with being suspended in liquid.
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    Sure, but it's the fact that it may very well be possible in the distant future that scares me.
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