Responding to Irene.

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Box wrote: »
I was a bit worried but then I heard it'll be a category 1 MAX. Wdf is going on, first a bitch ass earthquake then this pussy ass wind?
ShadyTroll wrote: »
I used to live by the beach in Jersey, thank God I moved, fuck hurricanes.
That's the funny part about this hurricane.

When does it ever hit the east coast? This is looking to be a fun turn out in the end.

Also an earthquake in philly?

Wtf is going on with this place?
Irene is a very large storm, and most of the current forecast models have it affecting a broad region that rarely experiences hurricanes. A cat 2 storm hitting NYC could be just as bad if not worse than Katrina. New England in general is ill-prepared for a strong hurricane, compared to more southern states which have building codes to mitigate tropical cyclone damage. A large storm like this one will have a wider range of strong winds, and cause more damage further inland. If the storm rides up the coast and then slams New England, it'll be a bad day. In other news,

Also, I'm pissed about this hurricane too. Not because of damage, because I'm missing it. Hurricanes only hit New Jersey every 50 years or so and here I am stuck in fucking Georgia. :mad::mad::mad:
IllAdvised wrote: »
Aw i think if what happened to katrina happened a bit closer it would've been cool. I seen some pictures of black people looting wal-mart and that looked like fun.
LSA King wrote: »
It's funny because everywhere I'm reading they're prepping it up as if it could be as bad or worse than Katrina. You know they're only trying to make such a comparison because they are prepping for their eventual complete fuck up of a clean up job if it hits and so much as breaks a twig.
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