My cousins boyfriend is a total dickshit.

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inb4 Wincest
So, I recently found out I had a half-cousin. She randomly felt like telling me after we started talking (about a few weeks in)

So I've been getting to know her. Real nice girl and already I feel like she's a sister to me. She trusts me and also sees me like a bigger brother, always there to protect her. I've started getting to know her boyfriend, but he doesn't really speak to me much. I thought he was just remaining silent, and kinda keeping it cool. "That's alright" I thought, "He doesn't want to share, he doesn't have too."

I got into a conversation with my cousin a few weeks after the meeting. She was upset, so I asked her what was wrong and if there is anything I can do to help. "My boyfriend is being a real dick" she said to me. I asked her to continue and she said that, get this,

He's convinced that she's cheating on him with me.

This guy is fucking retarded. Sure, we hug and stuff. I've even kissed her on the head when she's upset, but I couldn't even IMAGINE her and me. It makes me sick to my stomach. I told all my friends and they all reacted like "lol what a dick :o"

This guy is super jealous. He's even accused her of wanting to cheat on him with some of her female friends too.

What a cunt, eh? Just thought I'd share.


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