My Super Scooter

PsychotogenPsychotogen Regular
edited September 2011 in Man Cave
So I recently bought a 2011 TaoTao 50cc scooter. (don't laugh I live on the beach. There isn't a place you can go over 40mph anywhere close) I decided I wanted to pimp this fucker out. So I bought this great Motorcycle/scooter Mp3 radio. Then, I got the 80cc Bore out kit and had that put on. I origionally topped out at around 42mph and It didn't like riding at that speed. Now, I've gotten it up to what I think is 55mph (I buried the needle at 50 and then some) Acceleration is great, even on an incline. So, I'm pretty happy, but I don't want to stop here. Anyone got any other ideas to make this thing more ridiculous. I already looked up spinners, they don't make them.


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