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This may be a bit of a rant and might need to be in B&M, but fuck it.
So it's currently music festival season, and franky I don't give a fuck.

To me music fesivials are a waste of time and space, full of the same bands playing the same songs.
The tickets for leads were £200 quid, camping and food is extra on top of that, I would hate to see what Glasto tickets are.
The bands are playing trimmed down sets, with opening acts getting up to 45 minutes if they are lucky.
They are allways full of clashes.
Last year at leads/reading they had NOFX on the main stage, and Bad Religion on a smaller stage, what the fuck is up with the shit?? Surely Bad Religion are a much bigger act?

For me, I would rather spend the money going to small local gigs, I spent £20 quid on a ticket to see flogging molly in London and another £30 on train tickets. It was a full two hour+ set and the band members mingled with fans before and after the gig.
By going to local gigs you're supporting the local music indstury, helping keep venues open and giveing up and coming acts a chance to play gigs.

So yea, what's The Temples views on music festvials???


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    I like music festivals. Generally for me, they're a lot more about the 'culture' than the music. If you want to hear a flawless band play flawless songs, listen to the CD. Accept that some things are going to go wrong, and that bands aren't going to play huge sets. Sit down, have a blunt during the day and wait for the better bands to take the stage at night.
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    Fuck music festivals. Camping & not showering is nasty. :thumbsdown: I like to go to hardcore & metal shows at the small venues in my area. None of my friends like that type of music (only friend who does went away to law school) so I go alone & meet people at shows every time. It always winds up being fun. My husband rarely goes to shows with me but we saw Fear Factory a few times & they were fucking awesome. Didn't play Slave Labor, tho. :(
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