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LCD Calibration and Tests, What To Expect from an LED LCD Panel

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I am sure most of you know already about this, I just bought and LED TN LCD display by Dell. It's 23" and supports 1080p resolution and it can go down to 1640*1050 in the desktop mode. I have been using CRT for a long time and I am used to not worrying about the viewing angle, the contrast, colors and everything else. But unfortunately I can't stop fixing things. I don't regret the move since this screen can act as an HD Display which means it can adjust its resolution and frequency to match the content, provided I use the correct software.

Screenshot of my Desktop

But most of all I get some real screen estate, I am sure you can see the difference if you just open the picture linked above.

I don't intend to write a long thread regarding this because it's quite technical and I am sure there are other sources that can guide you better but if you're like me and want to upgrade your lifestyle than continue on reading.

If you're doing some printing work like working on a magazine or create realistic images or work in print media, I would honestly recommend NOT going after TN panels like the one I have. Save up the cash and get an Apple Screen. Otherwise it a decent CRT with Energy Saving options. But if you tend to do some gaming, watch movies, browse Internet, Chat, and work with videos and web related content, then moving to an LCD screen might do wonders for you.

First of all, you need to understand your needs. I can justify a purchase like a 24" Display since I use almost all the screen space and hell I might even require two of these babies but that's just me and my work flow. But for an average dude a screen size around 20"+ would be more than enough. Sure you can go higher but the cost also rises with it. Plus, you will need to research the price and the brand and trust me when I say this, spending more doesn't mean you will get a better screen.

These considerably cheap displays use a Technology called TN, it's great for normal stuck but sucks when you're working on real things. Also, the viewing angles will make you rage from time to time. I mean I have to adjust my chair and everything until I get a 0" degree viewing angle, anything above or below distracts me. If the screen size was smaller I wouldn't be having this issue but it's BIG. So, I tend to notice color changes when I move around.

In CRT you don't really have worry about this, I can sit and run and I would still get the same picture but not with this screen on the plus side, I get a lovely screen size and some desk real estate and I can get a UPS. So, in the end you will need to make a compromise.

There are some very amazing tests for checking your screen capabilities, I personally enjoy running this test , rather than just one picture you're taking on a long ass ride and you get to see the real working on the screen, from input lag to contrast, it covers everything.

Things you need to know:
  • If you're considering buying an LED LCD than research your needs and if you decide on some model, Google it and look for feedback. The feedback score must be above 4 otherwise it's not worth it. Check all the comments. It honestly does help.
  • Have a decent Graphic Card with DVI-D which means Digital or an HDMI port. Do NOT use VGA with an LCD. It's best to stick with DVI as much as possible.
  • Check for dimensions, especially bezel, if you plan to buy two monitors and use them in Dual Mode, a lesser Bezel Edge would be better.
  • Aim for quality over the looks, sure looks help but if you see a display which is more powerful but doesn't have the looks, thing really hard before moving on. You wouldn't be spending time watching the edges and colors, you would spend most of you time LOOKING at the screen.
  • Size and resolution matters. Especially if you intend to game or watch movies or porn (DAMN X-Art porn looks awesome(ahem))
  • Ventilation and Dust, Wouldn't be an issue with these displays but it's best to keep them in place where they dont get blocked by other things. It doesn't really affect anything but it's best to reduce the changes of fucking things up.
  • If you jumped to LCD from CRT, it's best to spend some quality time playing some movies and songs and comparing the results, this comes in handy when you're checking images.

I know I am going all over the place with this thread but don't blame me for it. To get the best out of your Display, make sure to check your Display Card Controls, I am using an AMD 5670 with three Screen support (VGA,DVI-D,HDMI) and the Control Panel has some amazing options you can play with. Plus, if you use MPC-HC and use DXVA you will get amazing results out of your display.

Anyway, if you have any questions feel free to ask, OH AND DON"T FORGET TO RUN THE ClearType tools in Windows 7 and make sure you install the DISPLAY driver of your LCD. Doing that will ensure the correct color profiles. Like in DELL it has it's own ICC profile, which greatly adjusts the colors to the manufacturer specifications.

TL;DR: Research, Think and Buy It.

P.S: Good luck getting used to moving your head left to right while typing threads.


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    You need a webcam, facial recognition software, and a motorized stand. Have your monitor follow your head. If you had this kind of money though, you'd have bought a monitor with better viewing angles lol.
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    Echidna wrote: »
    You need a webcam, facial recognition software, and a motorized stand. Have your monitor follow your head. If you had this kind of money though, you'd have bought a monitor with better viewing angles lol.

    lol, well those monitors don't really work for games :D and they're expensive and not here in Pakistan.
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