A Compendium of Cultivation and Biochemical Links for Psychoactive Flora

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THIS IS FOR INFORMATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY. NEITHER &T nor I will be RESPONSIBLE for any Misuse of this Information
Wikipedia's List of Psychedelic Plants (Some Are Subject to Further Investigation. Reasearch ALL THINGS you do before continuing)

Acacia spp.
[url="hhttp://www.worldwidewattle.com/infogallery/cultivation/"] Cultivation of Acacias[/url]
Cultivation of Australian Acacias
Acacia Cultivation, Myths and Misconceptions

Anandenathera spp.
Growing Anadenanthera colubrina

Argyeria nervosa

Banisteropsis caapi
Banisteropsis caapi
Banisteriopsis caapi Flowering, Producing Seeds and Seed Sprouting, with Strain Comparison
Germination of B. caapi and P. viridis seeds

Catha edulis
Germinating Catha edulis Seeds

Delosperma spp. (Get D. cooperi)
Delosperma (Wild ginger Farm)
Delosperma sphalmanthoides

Desmanthus spp.
Desmanthus illinoiensis Grow Log
Experience Growing Bundleflower?
Trout's Notes on Morphological Differences between D. leptolobus and D. illinoiensis

Desmodium spp.
Wikipedia Link (Very Little information on this genus)

Echinopsis spp.
CactusDan's Soil Mixes
Plot 55
San Pedro

Ephedra spp.

Erythroxylum spp.
Erythroxylum coca Seedlings
Info on pH
Branching on E. novogranatense

Foeniculum spp.
Growing: Fennel

Ipomoea spp.
(Seriously, they're considered noxious weeds)

Lagochilus spp.

Limona spp.

Lophophora spp.


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