Katana opinions?

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I'm looking for a decent quality (carbon steel) katana for display and killing niggers. I'm thinking this? The store is recommended by many sites.



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    fuck no.
    no where near katanahood

    at least wait until you hit puberty though
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    I like KOA, but I'd get a Hanwei/Paul Chen blade. I have a Cheness iaito, but I'm not sure of their ability for killing subhuman ghetto apes.
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    I'm looking for a decent quality (carbon steel) katana for display and swinging it around in my room until I get bored and go masturbate.

    fixed :o There is a place almost local to me that used to do things like Katanas, I'm not sure if they still do them or not. I know they have a website and sell them overseas, so if you're willing to pay up the ass in shipping bills, I can probably find the website for you.
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    Got it, from here. Will post pics later.
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    I've got quite a few blades. Out of all of them, the katana is the most badass. Empowering and hefty like an axe. But fluid and balanced like a stiletto. Only downside is they are FUCKING HUGE. I think if I were to be looking at eastern style blades, I'd go for one of these.


    It's more or less a wakizashi blade, but with a katana size handle. So you've got the extra handling leverage, plus it's got a bo-hi, making it even faster. The shorter scale makes it overall easier to handle in tight spaces.
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    For what it's worth I'm not really into the whole samurai uberness thing, but I looked at one recently I thought may have been dramatically underpriced by someone who didn't know what they had. So I did some research into various brands to see what was good and what was junk. The item in question I thought may have been a Cold Steel katana (it wasn't, it was Musashi brand) which is dramatically higher in relative quality than what most of their <$50 items might suggest (although that might be saying something as some people swear by these items as being among the best for the buck). I would place them somewhere not too far above Paul Chen/Hanwei in the quality hierarchy of blades, which seems to be the absolute lowest quality you should go if you want something that could theoretically be used if needed to.

    From what I've found, I would go with the Cold Steel "Warrior" line if I were into that sort of thing. It's around $200-$300 more than the Paul Chen offerings but would be worth it. They've also got an Emperor series that costs even more but the bulk of the expense is just better finish and prettier furniture.

    I've also found that price doesn't necessarily reflect quality. There are many cheaper brands that sell their product in the $150-$300 range and they're complete junk. Shinwa appears to be a huge offender, here.

    So again, my opinion would be a Cold Steel but if that's more than you're willing to spend than Paul Chen is the lowest you should be willing to go. Anything inferior than that is just plain worthless.

    That said, you should just display the sword and hide a 12 gauge zipgun or whatever you can fashion over there being in a problematic area with the risk of having to actually use these things. Is there any kind of machete culture there ala the Caribbean? A sword's effectiveness is dramatically reduced when your opponent has a blade as well, especially not being trained to use it properly. It would be a little stupid to rush someone with a katana while you've just got a machete, but who knows? But if so, European longswords might be the better option as they can be handled in close quarters a little easier and provide means to entangle another blade while grappling/delivering a strike.

    *sigh* I can't believe I'm offering advice in a sword thread. :p
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