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Well Ive been a regular pot smoker for about a year now. Never done any psychedelics, a little opiate,benzo, stim use. nothing for any extended amounts of time other than marijuana. I just recently moved to the city and have a gained a huge number of new connections. I love it here. I just bought 2 grams of opium and 4 gummy worms dipped in acid.

Im trying the opium tonight, I tried this shit before at a party and it was good. I was noddin in and out. There was this warm euphoric feeling kept that stayed with me for awhile. Im hoping its good shit, as Ive heard opium is the US is really not all that common. I have no idea though, everything adds up though so Im pretty confident.

I am tripping for the first time tomorrow. I set aside for myself the biggest gummy in the batch. It supposedly has more than the other 3. I know this is good stuff. I had a few friends that went to a rave this weekend and had this same stuff and said it was amazing. I have good vibes going into it. I am hoping it will also reset my cigarette habit. That would be a huge plus. I have been wanting to quit and I have heard that tripping sometimes just erases so to speak addictions. I will definitely update you guys post trip and let you know how everything goes


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    i am jealous of your gummy worms if they really are dipped then they're strong as fuck. congrats dude have fun, acid is my favorite drug and i've done at least 25 diff kinds
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