wut should happin with 2 diffrint totses

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ok so from my understanding there is totse2 and totse.info. wut if like haf the members went 2 totse2 and haf the members went 2 totse.info and then like we had a war kinda cus both grupes cant deside on wut 1s 2 join. ok so anways and then my ex e gf logic went 2 totse2 and then we split up and saw eachother agin kinda like in the music video of "i can ride my bike with no handlebars" wen the 2 best frinds c eachother after going there seprit ways 1 is the huge leeder and the other frind is leeding the rebelion and they meet eye 2 eye in the midle of the baddle. then its sad cus its like they were best frinds and now they both r leeding the grupes that h8 eachother. so wut if that happins between the 2 sites??????? but then me and logic start c-ing eachother agin and dating secritly but ppl find out and we r outcasted from the site then they think i drink poisin and logic thinks that 2 but actualy its just a temperary poisin 2 nock me out 4 a wile so ppl think that she kills herself but actualy we r both still alive cus that wood b realy sad. but anyways we com back and the 2 sites com together and after years of confusmint sinse totse died we finaly have the new totse 4 years and years 2 com like how china is gonna rebel aginst its govmint sooner or l8er and everything will be good agin. :o:o:o:o:o:o


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