Kangaroo meat = best meat.

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On the long long list of reasons why Australia is fantastic is kangaroo meat.

It is cheap, organic, sustainable, delcious, high protein, low fat, naturally anti microbial, hormone free and tender.
God I love kangaroo meat. Many Australians have a policy of not eating the animals on the national emblem but I have no such bias.

Kangaroo meat is superior to every other meat in every way; I usually enjoy it alongside the worlds best wines (also Australian) and fresh produce year round because we live in a sunny paradise that produces far more food that we need.

If you havent tried it; go out and find some.


  • juggjugg Regular
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    I would but they are hard to find in the U.S.
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    Yeah i hear you guys also dont have paw paw ointment either.

    But i guess they make up for it with GMO and HFCS everywhere. Fuck yeah Kangaroo. All natural, All lean, All flavour.
  • jehsiboijehsiboi Kanga Rump Ranga
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    And they are fucking brutal ever seen the big red ones fight ???
  • MarineBoatMarineBoat Regular
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    Fuck yeah Kangaroo. All natural, All lean, All flavour.
    And all man, baby!

    What does it taste like? If you have to combine other meats to describe the flavor do so.
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    I've never seen a big red fight but i've seen the eastern greys fight plenty.

    The meat is gamey, but signficant less so than venison; but i would liken it to a scotch fillet mixed with lamb shanks. Its not tough if cooked properly and has a whole lot of tenderness.
  • jehsiboijehsiboi Kanga Rump Ranga
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    There is nothing quite like eating a bit of roo in the sun and washing it down with a glass of bundy ... If you non Aussies can get ahold of these two things and consume them on the hottest sunniest day, preferably by the beach you will know true happiness
  • xbcnfujvxbcnfujv Regular
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    i'd love to indulge in kangaroo leg meat... dipped in some buttermilk ranch... omg -- i can imagine the flavor.

    one day... :)
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