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Road Fools is a 'documentary' about BMXers going around North America finding the best BMX venues. I remember watching these when I was in highschool on TV even though I don't know jack shit about the BMX culture.

The reason why I watch it is because I actually enjoy the music they played. While I enjoy it, I am oblivious of what bands they feature. It would usually just be music played while these BMX riders do crazy stunts.

I'm wondering if there are any Road Fool fans here that actually have these shows and know where I can get the information on their soundtrack.

As far as research is concerned, I know that there are 18 documented Road Fools. Unfortunately, the only way I can think of of gathering their soundtrack is to download all 18 Road Fools videos and forward it at the credits part. It sucks that I have a limited data for my internet.

I tried Google but I cant seem to find a list of their soundtrack.

I tried Shazam but I've reached the maximum free song check on my iPhone.

Can anyone help me on this?

Thanks in advance.
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