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I generally enjoy The Slackers and Westbound Train. Any suggestions that somehow has the same flavour of ska as those bands?

I'm not so much of punkish ska bands (except for Streetlight Manifesto)


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    Hahaha, I came in here to refer you to Streetlight and Catch 22. I guess they're not what you're after though. I've never even heard of the ones you mentioned so I'll be sure to give them a listen!
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    Don't get me wrong, I'm a big fan of Streetlight Manifesto and Catch 22 but the rest of punkish ska bands out there just don't measure up.

    I'm looking for a more Jazzy/Reggae ska.
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    Ska-P are a good Spanish band, and I am a huge fan of The Beat, Mark Skasters Foggo and Mighty Mighty Bosstones (although they can be pretty punky) - oh and not forgetting Bad Manners. Have to represent the latter as they are from my Hometown :hai:

    And some samples. Lol to think I was feeling pretty down this morning...who the hell needs mind altering pills when you have soul-altering music called Ska? So glad my Parents got me into it at a young age.

    With Bad Manner's "Lorraine", you can just put your ex Girlfriend's/Fiance's name there instead
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