Fixed my mouse.

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Hardly awesome news, but Im no computer techy I cant even defrag my computer LMFAO!!! But today i was playing a game of red faction when my mouse finally gave out.
It (The mouse) had been giving me problems for a while, thee old wiggle usually fixed it. but not today, so I unplugged it and tried to pull the plastic case off the plug. It wouldn't budge. So I chewed a hole in it like a fucking Neanderthal and realised it was moulded around the plug after the connections were soldered.
I ratted around and found an old USB cable and nervously cut the plug off, then i did the same to the mouse plug. Anyway i will stop boring you with my cool story ( I know needs more dragons )



Hehehe works bloody well. I was completely ignorant. I didnt know if the wire colours were the same for the mouse as the USB but it all turned out well.


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