I am glad I have a Dad & a Family

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Reading this:

and then watching this:

Made me realize how lucky I was, my Dad could have remarried and left us. We're a big family but he had the balls to get going and I guess I know the reason. It's mostly because of his past. How he was raised and how limited interaction he had with his Dad. He is IMO the best Dad ever, he raised a family, he kept going and he still goes on. I know I have been an ungrateful cunt in the part mostly because I was clouded by various distractions and I did hurt him few times. Those were some bad times. It wasn't his fault, it was mine all long but he kept his cool and even when I left the home he didn't walk away and accepted me back.

Family is important, sure pussy and drinks are cool but family is important and will always be. I am more comfortable living in a family environment, I don't plan to marry or have kids but considering the people I know from here and their past and how most people don't have loving fathers, I guess I am quite lucky. I would trade everything for this feeling and knowledge that I was loved over any fake joys. I love my family, I might be a bit stonewalled but I do want to see my parents happy and this is one my driving motivations while working. I want to see them live long, happy and content with life.

Because family matters and if you have a Mom or Dad or family, I suggest holding on to them. They were the ones that raised you, catered to your every demand and loved you like no other, no girl in the world can love you like them.

I am going treat my parents today.

I wasn't kidding when I said it's a big family, total members 11. I am youngest and my number is 9. Love you Mom and Dad, at least they're alive and I can tell them that.


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