Israel backdoors America

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Netanyahu really is taking Obama for a ride...


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    He dun goof'd.
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    This changes nothing. Netanyahu is probably right, America won't do shit to Israel.
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    I dont see why this country supports these kikes. We give them so much money yet name one time these supposed allys have helped us? Israel is a racist genocidal country but you cant say anything because its the jews. Fuck jews Fuck Israel they've done nothing but hurt america and they've controlled us for years. They use he holohoax to be a protected class.
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    This was back in 2001 (i wonder is this was before or after 9/11 and for how long the republicans were in office at the time), he was correct the majority of US citizens did support Israel back then.

    80% is probably a made up statistic.

    I doubt support is particularly high now, the current Israeli government has pretty much burnt all it's bridges. It is relying on the goodwill Israel build with the US in the past - there is no new goodwill.

    It's safe to say that support for current Israeli policy is on the decline and will keep declining, especially now that the arabs have learnt how to rudimentally manipulate western media.

    Even when the current Israeli government loses power, the newly elected government will have to make a whole-hearted effort for peace. The Israelis are not dopes, they can smell the wind better than most - they realise that they don't have US politicians to themselves anymore.

    It is clear that Netenyahu was speaking to a domestic audience at the time, i believe that was house was in an illegal settlement.
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