in the werds of dave mathews

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ppl in evry directshin no werds 2 exchange theres no time 2 explane they all do it the same they all do it the same way

the other nite somthing came 2 me in a dreem. it said nothing maters. smal things that r keeping u from doing other gr8er things dont meen a thing. no more anxyity from the simplist of things or encownters. ok so anyways i fownd out wut i had 2 do. i had 2 c the world 4 myself. and c wut is outside in the hole earth. 2 do the most u posibly can with life and u will fufil ur perpus and do the most u can with ur life and wen its time 2 die u wont b sad u will hapy. hapy that u did the most with ur life and good awates u wen u die in ur glory. it will not b a negitive experiense dave mathews inspyred this
u c som ppl live there lifes the other way in the song big eyed fish. teeches u wut u need 2 do. and from the other praspective looking at the ppl who dont no how 2 do it themselfs and r lost with no sense in anything the ppl who will not b hapy wen they r old. old ppl have seen this prolly and thats the reesin they r so wierd. its cus they no the truth about things and dave mathews band alredy teeches it in there songs. of corse i dont truley belive this but i think it is true anyways :o:o:o:o


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