Grand Theft Auto V

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What can I say other than this would have to be one of the better GTA games ever released apart from GTA San Andreas which was also pretty awesome. The game either comes as a single Blu Ray disc for the PS3 or two DVD-DL discs for the Xbox 360. I own the Xbox version so from here on in, I will refer to this version only.

With the two DVD-DL discs you will need to install disc one to either your HDD or to a USB flash drive. The game needs 8 GB of space to install and takes around 10 minutes on average to install. Once this is complete you can insert disc 2 and play the game. It is not recommended you install disc 2 to the HDD as it will cause performance issues and dropped frames.

The game starts with Franklin who is a black male who comes from your typical gang background, robbing people and whatnot. You begin doing repo jobs for a local shady car dealership. Part way through you will be sent to repossess a car from a guy named Michael who happens to be the second main character. Once this mission is over you have a choice of switching between Franklin and Michael, doing missions relevant to each character as well as missions that both characters carry out. Michael is a retired businessman/bank robber who is on witness protection following a botched robbery several years earlier. Eventually you will pull off your first heist mission. The heist missions consist of smaller set up missions involving acquiring vehicles and gear to pull off the heist. You are given two options for each and this does affect the outcome of the game.

After the jewellery store heist you will meet Trevor. Trevor is your typical red neck hill billy who cooks meth out in the desert. He would have to be the most funniest character in the game and the dialogue will have you laughing for hours. After the biker gang mission is complete you can switch between each of the three characters in the game. Later it turns out that Trevor and Michael were partners in the botched robbery several years earlier and Trevor had lived most of his life thinking that Michael was dead until he decided to do some digging and found out otherwise. He then travels to Los Santos to pay Michael a visit.

Through out the rest of the game you will pull off heists with the three main characters involving things like stealing weapons off of a group of mercenaries, robbing banks and robbing the Feds. Michael ends up getting blackmailed into working with some crocked government agents The game ends with a robbery of the federal reserve which will net you around 20 million in gold bars. Franklin is given a choice by a dodgy federal agent. A: kill Michael, B: kill Trevor or C: be killed himself. Eventually all three characters will band together and kill the agent if you chose option C as I did.

Gameplay is pretty good. You can torture people in one mission and choose how to do it. Things like water boarding, electrocution or smashing the guys kneecaps with a wrench. You can drive submersibles and explore the seabed, fly planes and helicopters or go skydiving off of a mountain. You can also go around abusing members of the public and make them fight you or drive past people and give them the finger which is pretty funny in some areas of the city. Of course you can go on a shooting spree and kill cops and civilians if you so wish.

Graphics are pretty good compared to the last few GTA games. The game environment is huge, it makes the environment in San Andreas look like a small city in comparison. Over all I would say that this game is worth playing.

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    Fuck yes this game is amazing! I bought it release night, and have been hooked ever since. Trevor is now one of my favorite game characters of all time.
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    The things Trevor does during the progress of the game are fucking funny as fuck. His character alone kept me entertained for hours. I brought the game a few days after it came out.
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