Watching VOD and streams with a 10-foot user interface

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The future of TV is on the internet. In this post i will show you how to watch TV, both on-demand and broadcast streams on your computer or android device. The content is usually sourced and curated by volunteers

The software i use is XBMC (formerly XBox Media Centre, but it has long since dropped Xbox support). It is best to think of Xbox as a platform to run video apps and plugins on. The application i use is Navi-x.

Step 1) Download Xbmc from:

Step 2) Download Navi-x from: (we will use this later)

After installing xbmc open it and move right to "system", then settings:

Then select the "addons" tab and "Install from zip":

go to the place you downloaded and select it.

Press ESC a few times until you get to the home screen and select programs, you should then see Navi-X in the list of applications:

On selecting Navi-x you should see this, select Navi-Xtreme Portal:

You are then presented with several options, for the sake of this this example I selected “Most-Viewed 7 days”:

I was then presented with a list of content to view:


PS: I just noticed navi-x has been updated (you can see it on the navi-x homescreen)


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