Live Die Repeat: Edge of Tomorrow (2014) An Amazing Flick


There comes a time when you sit back, power on your projector, set the volume to insane and just press the play button and let the carnage ensue. Edge of Tomorrow is what I can call, The Champ of Champs, it's a solid action plus Sci-fi flick which makes you drop your trousers and show a massive erection to the audience, it's a movie which is filled with sheer dead and carnage that you're just sitting wondering when things will calm down, it's a movie that makes you think, that maybe having those epic suits isn't really going to do much.

Overall it's a movie which puts a huge bonertastic grin on your face. I will biased in this review for couple of reasons, the major one is I wanted to see some brainless action flick with tons of CGI and epic sound effects, that sheer demand was satisfied by the movie. Second I wanted to be entertained like crazy, which this movie did.

I spent few hours glued to my projector screen, even though my projector CCD was fucked and it had dots, I was not distracted at all. From the start your shown what's going in the world, an Alien invasion and it's not some ordinary pussy invasion, the Aliens are kickass, the first battle scene and the way tom cruise is shitting his pants is hilarious and tense and when shit hits the fan, you're like, NOPE, NOPE he ain't gonna make it.

His getting killed starts a loop which goes through various stages, well I can't really mention all of them but you do get the sense of going in there and just screaming, I FUCKING KNOW WHAT TO DO, LISTEN TO ME YOU DUMB SHITS! But alas you know as the protagonist knows, it's not going to work.

I really enjoyed the action, it wasn't transformer style fast motion but it was fast enough that you could see things and understand what's going on, this movie is heavy when it comes to CGI but you quickly adapt to it and then dive into different Universe.

Sure there are fucktons of flaws and holes in a way, but it's Sci-Fi, you cannot expect it to be perfect but it far exceed whatever I have seen, so that's a good sign. The movie is so good, that I will screen it again and I even looked up the book it's based on "Hiroshi Sakurazaka - All You Need Is Kill" and I am going to start listening to it.

I have to say Tom did a fantastic job and Emily Blunt, whew, she is just hot in this movie and not in the megan fox type hot, I meant in the no BS fucking war machine type hot.

So, some of you will hate it, some will despise this movie but you know, I don't care, cause I loved it. Probably will place it in Top 20, it's not perfect but it's something that for once left me entertained, hell I even danced at the end and that's a rare thing.

10/10 (for me)

p.s: The Humor worked for me as well, (read some military action books and loved them :D) [Hint: Halo, Ender etc]



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