IJW: The Angriest Man in Brooklyn (2014) ; The last of Robin Williams

IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1294970/

It may not be the greatest film, you can say the plot had holes in it, hell you even say the premise was weak, but one thing for sure, it was the last film Robin Williams acted in. And it hits home, hard.

I liked Robin Williams, I found out I really liked his work when I felt him pass away, dead does that to you I guess. This movie which I just watched and thought it would be funny actually made me cry like a girl who lost her parents. It made me think about my parents, my family and how my life has impacted them.

And it made me feel the loss of Robin, there are few key scenes which don't really stay in your mind for long but once you connect the dots with Robins actual life, they make sense. Even in the movie he says.

"On my tombstone it 'll say: Henry Altman 1951-2014. I never knew until now: it's not the dates that matters it's the dash."

It's ironic that he passed this year, it's cruel because he took his own life. The movie just reminds you again and again, how short things are and how you really should pay more attention to your loved ones.

I kept thinking about my parents and how I treated them and I how I still love them and how they're growing old each passing year, just yesterday dad admitted he can't see well and his senses are weak... that remark with this film just hit hard.

Life is cruel, I just hope that I can keep them happy. It also highlighted an aspect which I am running away from, it's called family. I am mostly a child free type but I can see the sense in having a good wife and a kid to pass on your wisdom and knowledge to.

Ah, overall as a movie that made me self reflect, I will give this 10/10 and since it's Robin Williams, I don't think I can rate his movies lower. Call it bias but that's just me.

Everything is Hollywood in that flick but that doesn't mean it's not tied to some reality. It hit home for me, I hope it hits home for others. Rest in peace Robin Williams. You're missed.

Now if you will excuse me, I need to spend some time with my family.
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