Review: The Words (2012)


Let me say this before I start, I was glued to the screen for 1 hr 30 mins, I didn't take breaks, I was totally into the movie. However, when I finished I got curious and checked it's rating on RT, MC and IMDB. I wouldn't go with ratings on this one to be honest.

It's been a while since I wrote any review, heck I can't recall last movie I actually wrote about. And I have seen some good and bad titles in between. What makes this movie different is the simple fact that I am writing this review at 4 am in freezing cold.

This movie packs a punch, it's basically a rabbit hole which goes in deeper and deeper, it's overly complex but entertaining, if taken with a light dose of I WANT TO BELIEVE it successfully gets you to think about yourself.

I love books, I enjoy audio books, I always wanted to write something and I know I can't be great or good enough at it. Seeing the writer go through the challenges of being something, that really established my roll in the movie, I switched from being just an audience to a real character. I started seeing if I would follow the same path, if I would long for companionship, how would I handle myself if put in a situation which breaks you down.

In short, I was seeing my life in an alternate Universe. It could be I was vulnerable or in a state which wasn't ideal, but for more than an hour I was wished and hoped I could have something that the writer had.

As a reader I wished I could see visuals as described in the book, more than ever I just wanted to read that book, I wanted to see those words because it became an obsession. An unfortunately it remained an unfulfilled one to the end.

When the ending came and it did came sooner for me, I was left wondering what went on. I quickly read up on different twists and theories but I don't think any of them are valid because for me, this wasn't just some movie. It was a reminder of what I am missing and what I should do.

You may hate it, you may love it, but for me, I actually learned something from it.

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