Windows 10 Announced!

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Windows 10 has been officially announced in the last 24 hours. It was an interesting anouncement for Microsoft and featured many firsts (for them). Here's the meat:

> Windows 10 is a free upgrade for windows 7 and 8.x (as long as you do it in the first year)

> All phones running Window 8.1 will get a free upgrade to window 10. I detected some double speak here though: This doesn't mean that all phones that are running 8.1 will actually get an update.

> The start menu is back. The start screen is also back. A "continuum feature" is now present that will switch between the screen and menu depending on the device (tablet or desktop). This may be manually set by the user.

> Contana is now on your PC. I'm personally very excited about this. Cortana is a very good "personal assistant" similar to Siri. I've used it a few times when i had a Lumia and it works very well. I think putting it on the desktop is going to be very useful.

> Windows 10 and Windows phone 10 apps are the same thing. Create an app for one and you have an app for the other. Only UI repositioning is required. Visual Studio Community edition is heavily focused on this. There is also tigher integration between the two. Notifications and data can be pushed between both forms.

> Spartan. A new browser. It's still based on trident (IE's rendering engine) but it's in a much ligher, faster UI. No word on extension support yet.

> Very Large screen hardware. To most peoples surprise, MS has announced a new hardware category. "The Surface Hub", an 84-inch, 4K, touch-enabled display for office collaboration. It remains to be seen how this will be used or received.

> An Augmented Reality device. Eyewear. Holographics. Instead of building a new world around you, the device places, what are basically holograms, around your environment. It's entirelly self-sufficient and will be released "around the window 10" timeframe. This is very interesting. I suspect it will either be vapourware or very disappointing. I hope not.


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