Apparently the IP address127.0.0.1 is a pirate according to the movie studios — Totseans

Apparently the IP address127.0.0.1 is a pirate according to the movie studios

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This has to be the funniest shit I've read this week and I think we should create a "FREE" campaign. Replace the word HOME with, such as baked cookies. Or how about a site called " TORRENTS". or " MOVIE STREAMS" :D

Movie studios keep asking Google to remove pirated content on their own computers

Google search results sometimes include a tiny message at the bottom that some sites have been removed for sharing pirated content.

Those requests come from movie studios and other content rights holders who manually submit links to be taken down.

What’s pretty hilarious is movie studios have been submitting takedown requests that include links to pirated content stored on their own desktop computers.

Here’s Universal Pictures France asking Google to take down files for Jurassic World hosted at ‘′ — which is the system’s ‘localhost’ address — where a BitTorrent client appears to be running:

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But wait, there's more! They're also requesting google to take down other non related shit to pirating including IMB. Perhaps they didn't like some of the reviews.


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    Actually there was a comment regarding this on Reddit, apparently they downloaded a client which uses a proxy, so the ip would be like

    That would explain why they posted that link, plus it's automated most of the time.
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    Most addresses probably do contain "pirated" material... :D
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