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Every since utorrent shat the bed and started bundling junk into their installer. I've been on the hunt for a better client.

I've tried Vuze, Ktorrent, Transmission and qBittorrent. All the ones i've mentioned are good - some are very good (Vuze), and some are OK (Transmission) but none really hit all the checkboxes for me.

What i wanted was a stable, detailed, fast and light client and i've found it It's called Tixati. http://www.tixati.com/

Tixati meets all those requirements and more. Check it out:




It doesn't try to hide detail from you (which I appreciate greatly) and transfers seem fast. There's an interesting chat system available as well that has P2P streaming audio support.

> Closed-Source (No code is available)
> It's ugly
> Navigation not intuitive

> Detailed
> Fast
> Portable Edition
> Cross Platform (Windows, Linux)

Overall: I love this client and am sticking with it for as long a it remains good.


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    I've heard of it but never tried it. Normally I used transmission. I'll give it a shot though because at the moment I haven't got a torrent client onboard. churz
  • Using qBittorrent, it has its pitfalls but It works. So, I am happy with it.
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