9th-Grader May Face Charges After Homemade Clock Mistaken For Bomb

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Ahmed Mohamed swept up, 'hoax bomb' charges swept away as Irving teen's story floods social media
Irving’s police chief announced Wednesday that charges won’t be filed against Ahmed Mohamed, the MacArthur High School freshman arrested Monday after he brought what school officials and police described as a “hoax bomb” on campus.

At a joint press conference with Irving ISD, Chief Larry Boyd said the device — confiscated by an English teacher despite the teen’s insistence that it was a clock — was “certainly suspicious in nature.”

School officers questioned Ahmed about the device and why Ahmed had brought it to school. Boyd said Ahmed was then handcuffed “for his safety and for the safety of the officers” and taken to a juvenile detention center. He was later released to his parents, Boyd said.

“The follow-up investigation revealed the device apparently was a homemade experiment, and there’s no evidence to support the perception he intended to create alarm,” Boyd said, describing the incident as a “naive accident.”



Full Article: http://share.d-news.co/arx2zJX

A nerdy brown kid named Ahmed Mohamed built a clock and took it to school to show off. The school shit itself in fear and the poor boy was handcuffed, arrested then released.

This is the kind of fear that our society has now. It's fucked. I can understand the police's POV as well though, a brown kid named Ahmed might very well have brought a bomb to school.

Obama has invited him to the white house and Zuckerburg to facebook.


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