Doctor Who Season 9

Doctor Who has just started it's 9th season of the new series. I'm a big an of the show, and am excited about this season.

I think Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman are the best combination yet. Season 8 was OK but marred by what was frankly terrible plots and cheap gag-joke writing. With them the show has veered out of sci-fi/fantasy to become fantasy/sci-fi. Which I don't like very much.

I think they are doing this because the show has reached huge audiences and successes, they're becoming careful not to over reach. Season 8 was mostly set in the past, for the same reason - It's cheaper and easier to do well compared to a futuristic episode.

The amount of times "the power of love" has saved the day recently has becoming embarrassing. I hope they tighten that up a bit.

I have't seen the season premier yet, as I'm half way through sense8 (more on that later) but will post my take on it soon.


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