Facebook & its NSA style tactics

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I'm sick of facebook, google and most of all cloud-fare playing the old security card as an excuse to justify it's true ulterior motive. That's just bullshit!!!
Facebook acted like the US’s National Security Agency, spying without authority on European users, lawyers representing the Belgian data protection authority said on Monday.

In opening arguments in a closely watched case being brought against the social network company, Frederic Debussere, representing the Belgian privacy commission (BPC), referred to NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden’s revelations about surreptitious mass surveillance by the spy agency.

“When it became known that the NSA was spying on people all around the world, everybody was upset. This actor [Facebook] is doing the very same thing, albeit in a different way,” he said.

The BPC brought a lawsuit against Facebook after accusing it of “trampling” over Belgian and European privacy law. In a report and an opinion the BPC detailed Facebook’s alleged breaches, including the tracking of non-users and logged-out Facebook users for advertising purposes.

The BPC is threatening Facebook with fine of €250,000 ($280,213) a day for failing to respond to its demands.
Cookie use in dispute

Facebook has repeatedly denied the claims, saying that the data and conclusions in the BPC’s Facebook privacy report are false.

A Facebook spokesperson said: “We will show the court how this technology protects people from spam, malware, and other attacks, that our practices are consistent with EU law and with those of the most popular Belgian websites.”

Facebook has also repeatedly stated that its European operations and practices are audited and governed by the Irish data protection agency, for the company’s European headquarters are situated in Dublin, Ireland.

Paul Lefebvre, representing Facebook, said: “How could Facebook be subject to Belgian law if the management of data gathering is being done by Facebook Ireland and its 900 employees in that country?”
‘Don’t be intimidated’

The case is being watched intently by the rest of Europe where data protection regulators across the region, including the Netherlands, have also begun to question Facebook’s privacy practices.

“Don’t be intimidated by Facebook,” said Debussere. “They will argue our demands cannot be implemented in Belgium alone. Our demands can be perfectly implemented just in this country.”

Facebook said: “We’ve repeatedly offered to help resolve the Belgian data protection authority’s concerns, but it instead took Facebook to court claiming we do things we don’t do. The Belgian data protection authority conceded its original case and is now trying to stop Facebook from using security technology because they misunderstand it.”

President of the Belgian commission Willem Debeuckelaere said in May that Facebook’s treating of users’ private lives “without respect needed tackling” and that it was a “make or break time”.

“We remain open to discussing these issues directly with Belgian Data Protection Authority as a better option than doing this through unnecessary litigation,” said a Facebook spokesperson.



  • I thought I remembered fb stock plummeting until the fed said they would secure their losses. At that point I realized what had happened.
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    I noticed there's a few issues with VW as well. There's a couple of links on jimmyr.com @ the moment. Could possibly be the reason their stocks are down.

    Ok, back on track:
    A Facebook spokesperson said: “We will show the court how this technology protects people from spam, malware, and other attacks,
    This is the same lame excuse ProjectHoneypot use in their defence and ProjectHoneypot was actually created by 2 key players of cloud-fare. (Thought I better justify why I included cloud-fare in the OP)
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    Do you remember about a year ago they admitted to messing with people's news feeds in a giant psychological experiment? Yeah. Fuck suckerberg. I'm sure there is some valuable data to be gained doing that but people aren't signing up for fb to be experimented with in order to fill in some black ops algorithms. Giant mind fuck. I'm sure you heard about the covert virtual reality web. I can't remember the specifics but one of the agencies of the government is using real time data to plug into a matrix they built simulating the population in order to predict variables. I'm not certain of the detail they are using but legit articles on it do exist. It's enough fuel to send any tin foil hatter to the moon and back.
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    I never really got into facebook. I Long ago deleted my account (have a sock account for being a creeper).

    It might be because I don't really have a lot of friends, and not interesting in what my acquaintances are doing.
  • Believe me it's boring as hell. I really don't care about what my friends are doing either. I only liked it for the alternative media pages and the car group I was in. Endless flame and meme wars. Trolling on noobs and shit. Now that's entertainment
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    I guess failbook is ok if you're a soccer mom who enjoys playing farmville all day while the husbands at work.
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