Blasting air into a co-workers arse is supposedly really funny?

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Bet the dumbass ain't laughing now!

Man pumps in air through co-worker’s Anus, kills him

The Kalachowki police arrested a man after he allegedly killed his colleague Tuesday afternoon. According to the police, the victim died after his colleague inserted the nozzle of an air pipe inside the victim’s anus.

The deceased identified, as Mohammad Shaikh, 48, was friend of the accused and knew him for the past three years. They were working in the same garage near Cotton Green.

The police said the accused Santosh Aarekar, 48, and Shaikh used to share a good bond. The accused however envied Shaikh as he used to get praises from the boss.

The police said enquries with another colleague had revealed that both were good friends but Aarekar indulged in fights with Shaikh due to his extreme loyalty towards his work.

A police official said, “After preliminary investigation we came to know that Aarekar used to beat up Shaikh often for fun and Shaikh never took it seriously.

On September 27, they had a fight on over some work. Aarekar then decided to teach a lesson to Shaikh, so on September 29 he called him into the garage room and tied his hands. He then took the air pipe, which is used to inflate tyres, and inserted it into Shaikh’s anus.

Air accumulated in his stomach, and the air pressure affected his organs due to which Shaikh collapsed. He was immediately taken to the KEM Hospital by other colleagues, however, his condition deteriorated. He was declared dead during treatment.”

According to the accused’s statement to the police, it was an accident and he did not expect it to kill his friend. The police has registered a case against Aarekar under Indian Penal Code 302 Act and arrested him.


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