So What Are You Listening To?

So I got high and a little drunk started surfing jewtube and for whatever reason jammed eminem's "rap god song."

It is pretty aight. Caught the end where he started getting sjw for feminism and I remembered why I quit listening to that talented tool.

Then I jammed genesis "the knife," one of my all time favorites, and it occurs to me, for the hundredth time, there might be a warning against socialism in there.

Jewtube plays next obscure early genesis song (can't remember the title,) and in the trippy lyrics they talk about the world freezing over again, or something like that. I thought nothing about it, at the time, and then I remembered on AJ's show "infowars," he was talking about how back in the day the clientoligists (is that a cult?) were talking about how earth would enter an ice age. Then they said "global warming," and now they are just calling it climate change.

At the time when AJ said that, I started thinking, "Yeah climates change. Man made some. Mother Nature, a fuck ton more." I mean it's been theorized past living organisms alter their climate drastically, and it's also been theorized solar cycles play a bigger role. Idk. Anyway, I'm listening to the next early obscure genesis song on jewtube right now.

What say you? Genesis a prototype sjw? Would explain why my dad, a hardcore democrat loved them so much.

P.S. In case you can't tell the media shit storm here in the U.S., about our next puppet president is really fucking up my head. Be careful dudes. The mind fucking hay is deep out there right now.


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