Found Warweed

Welp just was doing some digging around about a old friend which lead me down the rabbit hole of &T memory's figured I'm sure my name will stick out to some thought I would say Hi see who all is still around

I joined Totse under this use around 2001 I was more known for my moderation of backyard ballistics however I also over the course of time modded gear heads t&t S&A , head shrinkers when it existed and quite a few I'm sure I simply forget

Many many moons have passed now and we have all grown up since the days of totse a lot of us have become successful other fuck ups and some just stuck in life Day by day

Some may know I have done some jail time from my days as a mod till now but since that's all ended and I cleaned up my life I have since married bought a house and well done what I think most have and just grown up

Since totse died and now I got my blasters certification and my display operators certification but never did up Taking on much of a career in those industry's instead my main focus and drive has been automotives then anything else

How about you guys any names out there that I should recognize ? What have you done with your lives ? And forgive me if I don't remember you all there where a lot of users and a lot of years have passed

Cheers -warweed


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